The long-term success of your surgery depends largely on the skill of the doctor performing it. At The Sports Orthopaedic and Spine center, our surgeons are second to none.¬†We are committed to preserving our patients’ own shoulders, knees and hips by using minimally invasive cartilage sparing procedures with less pain and scarring. We avoid traditional total knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries as best we can. Our goal is to enhance your healthy and active lifestyle.

The clinic has 2 locations for the convenience of patients. The Central Clinic is located in Newhall on Lyone Ave. and the Eastern Clinic is located in Northridge on Reseda Blvd. Dr. Khan is consulting at both the clinics. For appointments please mention your priority and choice as to where you would like to schedule your appointment.

Our goal at Sports and Spine Orthopaedic Center is to provide the level of care to our patients that we would want our family members and ourselves to receive for Ortho-disorders.

The Solution (Non-operative vs. Surgical Care)

The Sports and Spine Orthopaedic Center was developed to bring together health care providers in order to address the sports related ortho & spinal disorders. Our belief is that most of the underlying causes of pain can be treated successfully with non-operative means. After obtaining a thorough history of the problem and performing an appropriate radiology examination of the patient, to further determine the source of the patient’s symptoms, appropriate least invasive treatment is administered.

Our physicians are responsible for a dramatic change in the treatment of sports & spine injuries by making the use of therapeutic and diagnostic injections the standard of care for many orthopaedic conditions. Having diminished the level of inflammation with such techniques, many patients are then able return to a level of functionality that had been lost.

Our Promise and Hope

We hope to provide you with the care at the Sports and Spine Orthopaedic Center that will diminish your pain, and permit you to return to those activities that you miss so much.